January dis•articulations poem by Jessica Ceballos

At the beginning of the month, Jessica gave Terry 4 writing prompts. Terry produced fevered writing for each prompt and gave it back to Jessica. This is the poem Jessica has dis•articulated:

the principles of mathematics

Not-so-simple economics is what convinced us to
look for the edges of this world extreme.
Though karma corrected our arguments,
we are allowed to keep loveless arms
from robbing the luckier of us.
The Problem?
We used to jump into the sky,
no one needing to prove anything,
completing unfulfilled screaming desires.
They said lucky, we said…blue.
Doing/done. Breathe
Now it takes two whole days
for the madness to run through this space,
to make us happy, one more time,
to exist with one another, for one more day.
Tangled/better. Dream
Whatever he said was less than
what each of us needed, to ensure…an us.
Dark/We wait.
The new mattress on the bed,
has been worse than bad.
Instead of trying to convince each of us to worry less,
we confronted those dark nights, for peachier mediums.
You and I don’t need a we.
-Jessica Ceballos
We’re still open for reader poems for the January contest until midnight PST on January 31, 2015. Poems can be based on the prompts, the fevered writing, or the dis•articulations poems. The prize is $25.

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