About dis•articulations 2015

Welcome to dis•articulations 2015, a new interactive and collaborative poetry project.

In 2013, I conducted the first online dis•articulations project by inviting readers to offer poetry prompts (2-10 word phrases designed to stimulate ideas for writing). Then I engaged in “fevered writing” with each prompt, and used the words generated in the fevered writing to form the lexicon of my poems. The results were posted weekly at disarticulations.wordpress.com along with the original prompts, fevered writing passages, and lists of words.Readers were invited to submit prompts and to post poems of their own, using any part of the process.

In 2015, I am re-activating the project, but I’m asking Los Angeles poets to collaborate with me. Each month, the featured poet and I will give one another prompts, engaged in fevered writing, and then exchange our fevered writing so that we are writing poems using the language generated by the other. The resulting poems will be posted monthly.

Again we will be asking you, our readers, to let this work inspire the creation of your own poems and you can post them here. All submissions will be posted on the blog and each month, one poem will be awarded a $25 prize. Let’s play!


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