July Collaborating Poet — Olga Garcia Echeverria


In July, Olga Garcia Echeverria will collaborate with Terry Wolverton on new dis•articulations poems.

Olga García Echeverría: Born and raised in East Los Angeles. Ultra Libra in love with the ocean and the clouds and the birds and the trees and the disappearing bees. Author of Falling Angels: Cuentos y Poemas (Calaca Press and Chibcha Press 2008). Teacher of English. Creator and destroyer of language. Splendid Spinster of the New Millennium who plans to joyfully spin words until her fingers turn to dust



Reader Poem by Olga Garcia Echevarria

Olga Garcia Echevarria wrote this poem in response to the prompt “To pimp a butterfly.”

To Pimp a Butterfly

In Michoacan, we trekked the steep dusty hills
towards the sun, monarchs danced in the air
like our dead, circling softly above our heads,
making of the sky a festival of swirling bright orange wings.

When we reached the summit, the trees hid beneath
rustling blankets of butterflies. There were millions.

Perhaps it would have been enough to stand very still
and open ourselves up slowly, like giant flowers. The moments,
like the butterflies, were fleeting. Instead, we seized our cameras
eagerly, wanting to trap them forever in our pictures.