Reader Poem — Charles W. Brice

Charles W. Brice wrote this poem in response to the October Poetry Prompts:

I Wrote Your Name in the Lake

then my name,
our son’s name,
our daughter’s name,
then the universe’s name,
then god’s name
in the lake. I swam

in our names, dove
below and felt how cool
our names were, how fresh
when our surface cracked.

I wrote your name on the brow
of your budded green profusion,
the leaf you became
stout, proud, frim—
how you trembled.
The season you had was grand
then gilded, crinkled, beldame,
you dropped
weary winds
blown undisclosed

I breathed your name
over snail, slug, toad and turtle
their days spent
from spore to tadpole to crick scum
the abundance of life
in your name
in every writhing arroyo
of your body.