Reader Poem — Eileen Patterson

Eileen Patterson wrote this poem in response to the September poetry prompts:

Redemption Road

What does Redemption Road look like, I wonder.
There has to be a well worn path where sinners
scorch the earth with their feet. Trees up and down
the road swaying out breeze, cooling hellish lives.

Father did you travel this road, feel the cool breeze
of the trees? Did Jesus meet you, embrace you and say,

“Robert all is forgiven, the Father is waiting.”

God’s angels comforting you, shredding
their wings, making a soft bed for you to lie in, your heavy life
now resting on sacrificial wings.


did you look up from below, mouth salivating, as you saw
every dream we reached for snap in half and break like brittle bone,
grateful for the cool spit on your chin.