December Poetry Prompts

These prompts were given by collaborating poet Yvonne M. Estrada to Terry, who will engage in fevered writing with each of them.

  • In very simple English they call it good luck. (Yogi Bhajan from
  • …an exploration of the absurdity of our own existence (
  • We were lucky that our water tanks were filled before the electricity failed (
  • Slow and patient centuries can grow to create structures hundreds of miles long (

These prompts were given by Terry Wolverton to collaborating poet Yvonne M. Estrada, who will engage in fevered writing with each of them.

  • Republicans are not the condom police


  • Written on beasts


  • Of being engine red


  • When it’s dark out

(upcoming album title, G-Eazy)


Readers of this blog are invited, no, encouraged, to write your own poems inspired by these prompts and submit them in the comments box. The best Reader Poem we receive by December 31 will win a $25 prize.


December Collaborating Poet — Yvonne M. Estrada


In December, poet Yvonne M. Estrada with be collaborating with Terry Wolverton on dis•articulations poems.

Yvonne M. Estrada is the author of the chapbook, My Name on Top of Yours, a crown of sonnets accompanied by original photographs. Her poems have recently appeared in Talking Writing, Fourth & Main, Lit For Life and in the anthologies, Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond; Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity; and Gutters and Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, which also included one of her photographs.

Winner, dis•articulations Reader Poem for November — Jennifer Hernandez


Jennifer Hernandez teaches immigrant youth, wrangles three sons and writes for her sanity. She lives in Minnesota with her  husband and family, which also includes a black lab and a fat lap cat. She has recently performed her poetry as part of the Cracked Walnut Literary Festival and as honorable mention in the Elephant Rock flash prose contest.  Her work appears in Silver Birch Press and Talking Stick, as well as other print and online journals.

Her poem, “Montage,” was published on this site on November 28, 2015.

To read “Montage,” go to: