October dis•articulations poems — Ramón Garcia

For our dis•articulations collaboration, Ramón gave Terry four writing prompts. Terry engaged in fevered writing with each of them and gave the results back to Ramón, who then used the words from that fevered writing to create four dis•articulations poems.

The night can die
A thousand deaths
Other’s slaughter   who believe
House   dispute
Ancient feud—ancestor night
Stagger, rise, succumb
To fire or gossip

Recovery craze          tripping
My partner    out
Bandstand vomit
Shoes make moves
Shiny looking             love tutu
Smile               over music breaking

Make it           brain engineer
Being brain
Haywire food
Ingest delayed
Remain solitary brain
Up to our hormones

Awareness of Bloom
Plants sense
Another plant in trouble
Shoots in the plant’s direction
Sentient blow                        pathetic theories
Around the mess


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