July Poetry Prompts

Prompts are drawn from the media—print, broadcast or social.

Collaborating poet Olga Garcia Echevarria offered these prompts to Terry Wolverton:

• “Woman Gives Birth, Fights Off Bees, Starts Wild Fire in Northern California” (Joseph Serna and Veronica Rocha, LA Times Local, June 30th)

• “What Gaining a Leap Second Means For a Hummingbird” (Nicholas St. Fleur, New York Times, 6/30/15)

• “Trust Me. Butter is Better.” (Mark Bitman, New York Times, 6/24/15) 

• “Goldfish the Size of Dinner Plates Are Multiplying Like Bunnies” (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones, 6/26/15)

Terry Wolverton offered these prompts to collaborating poet Olga Garcia Echevarria:

  • “Space is hard” (scpr.org)
  • “Dolphin leaps onto boat, injuring woman” (scpr.org)
  • “Poetry is against gravity” (Ai Wei Wei On Poetry, Poetry magazine)
  • “Guns in Paradise” (song title from Meanwhile…Back at the Lab, Slightly Stoopid)

We invite readers to write poems in response to one or more prompts (or the fevered writing that results from these prompts) and submit  in the Comments section. The best Reader Poem we receive by July 31 will win a $25 prize.


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