Reader Poem — Tina Yang

Tina Yang wrote this poem in response to a prompt by Chiwan Choi:

Russell Brand, He Looks Like Jesus But He Ain’t

Jesus appears in branded potatoes holding bread high
pitches snakes and fish across Pike Place Market each day.
Squeaks, “Hi! That’s the man!” a la Robin Williams meme style
each time he wants a lollipop,
that’s my Jesus and he don’t walk on water.

Jesus sends the Dalai Lama an email each day of dogs
barking, romping across the meadows
they both giggle, snuffle and laugh, they’re men.
They used to play the kazoos and kerfloos but now,
ah now, there’s a drum to glam and YouTube to hang,
Russell Brand to man, Katy Perry to bang–
Grow out those pube hairs, girlfriend;
stand there streaming rainbows,
we all gotta spin dollars out of these dreams, baby;
Made in China dolls.


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