May Poetry Prompts

Prompts are drawn from the media—print, broadcast or social.

Collaborating poet Chiwan Choi offered these prompts to Terry Wolverton:

Researchers Discover Fracking Fluids in Pennsylvania Well Water (

“Our Demand is Simple: Stop Killing Us.” (nytimes)

Russell Brand voted world’s 4th most influential thinker. (the guardian)

Here is the Face of Civil Rights (

Terry Wolverton offered these prompts to collaborating poet Chiwan Choi:

  • …Man punches bear to protect his per Chihuahua (
  • Home of child goddess unshaken (
  • If he says he’s a woman, he’s a woman (Cosmopolitan)
  • To pimp a butterly (album title by Kendrick Lamar)

We invite readers to write poems in response to one or more prompts (or the fevered writing that results from these prompts) and submit me in the Comments section. The best Reader Poem we receive in May will win a $25 prize.


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