Reflections on the Process — Angela Peñaredondo


The fevered writing process felt somewhat awkward at first like any creative endeavor starting from scratch. The ego spoke as usual, judging and critiquing, even at times timid and confused, but that only lasted a few seconds. Three minutes is not long so I had get over the self-critic fast. It’s an interesting process when you let the mind open up to whatever washes in and out. It’s almost like being submissive to the words, which was pretty cool!
This was one of my favorite poetic collaborations. I would do it again. Terry is awesome to work with, she knows this process and how to lead it. She follows through, which does not happen with all collaborative work. So I deeply respect and adore her for this.
Personally, I need deadlines. I can easily lose myself in the small details of anything, become distracted by other projects or acts/performances of mundanity. Deadlines can be pretty crucial  to my creative process. They keep me in check like an alarm clock or a personal trainer. I thought the timeline for this project was perfect.  

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