March Poetry Prompts

Poetry Prompts from AK Toney:

“Two Children May Have Died for You to Have Your Mobile Phone” (Inter Press Service News Agency)

yet the name “coltan” elicits quizzical looks. (

What makes anything worth having and owning has a lot to do with preserving art and culture within a natural environment. (

New City Election Dates and Schedules; One-Time Adjustment To Align Terms with New Election Dates By 2020. Charter Amendment 1 (Official Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet)

Poetry Prompts from Terry Wolverton:

L.A. inmate escapes from jail, is found in hot tub (Los Angeles Times)

Prophet of Respect (The Huffington Post/Black Voice)

King of sea lions spotted in Southern California waters (

Scientists take the first ever photograph of light as both a wave and a particle (


All prompts are drawn from the media — print, broadcast or social media.

Readers are encouraged to write and submit poems of your own, inspired by one or more of these prompts. There will be a $25 prize for the best poem we receive from a reader in March.


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