February Poetry Prompts

Prompts must be drawn from the media — print, broadcast or social media.

Poetry Prompts from Mike Sonksen:

Dying Shouldn’t Be So Brutal (NY Times)
Gentrifying L.A.: Pick A Side (L.A. Weekly)
Save Us from Washington’s Visionaries (TruthDig)
How We Lost Track of Real Happiness (Alternet)

Poetry Prompts from Terry Wolverton:

Judges should steer clear of the Boy Scouts (LA Times)
Record-Setting Balloonists Touch Down in Mexico… (NPR)
Ash Girl and Evacuation Warnings (Tahoma Literary Review)
“She was only a baby” (theguardian.com)

Readers are encouraged to write and submit poems of your own, inspired by one or more of these prompts. There will be a $25 prize for the best poem we receive from a reader in February.


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