Reflections on the Process — Jessica Ceballos

It’s easy to pull words from the same pool we allot ourselves, so what makes this project difficult, but equally rewarding, is that those words may not be in this pool of words. This forces us to look beyond the usual way we’ve trained our brains to respond to the themes that interest us. And that creates this domino effect of forcing us to look beyond those usual ideas or structures. I found myself taking notes while trying to figure out what the next line was gonna be, because some of the words whispered to me some pretty wild ideas. Also, I’m always looking for different processes, and using the fevered writings as thesaurus is my new favorite, it’s constrictive which I find helps me focus in on an idea, while at the same time not having the words might let us get away with writing somewhat abstractly. A really wonderful project, thank you so much for inviting me Terry! 
 —Jessica Ceballos


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