January Fevered Writing – Jessica Ceballos

This month’s collaborating poet, Jessica Ceballos, did the following fevered writing based on four prompts given her by Terry Wolverton:

New weapon against superbugs will just be another weapon against superbugs, against bugs, only making them super. Superior. What would happen if all the bugs in the world were destroyed? Do we need more weapons, against anything? I suppose when we make things strong enough to destroy us, we think twice, until we can make us stronger to destroy.

Mall closes after woman falls seven stories
I didn’t want to be there the time he fell off the chair, standing up, did I say fell? I didn’t want to be there the time he fell of his cliff, that time was way too close to call, way too close to where he wanted to be. Malls should close when people fall seven stories, so that they don’t have to wonder if she fell on purpose, hearing them ask themselves that question for the rest of their lives.

More than 50 sperm whales, including mothers and calves, visited Orange County
I would like to trade places with a sperm whale, have her live in Los Angeles for a day, the day before she visits Orange County. Calves don’t belong in Orange County, unless they plan on staying. Maybe the whales can stir the waters, make them digestible, taste better, and share the Orange County stories with their Alaskan friends.

the future was such a long time ago, she whispered into the back of my neck, just under my ponytail, as I was bending down to lock my hoverboard. It was the first time we went riding up this particular canyon, where I’d gone hiking everyday 30 years ago, when it was covered with grass and dirt. The city was called Los Angeles then, and Spanish wasn’t such a rare language. From the top of this hill we would be able to see the downtown skyline, maybe even city hall. Funny how we thought we’d never see the day when grass was outlawed and “ethnicity” became a historical term. The future was such a long time ago.

Readers are encouraged to write your own poems inspired by the prompts or the fevered writing and post them to comments. The best poem we receive this month will be awarded a $25 prize.


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